FESTIVAL: A Visual Exploration of Hip-Hop & Music

January 11th, 2019-February 1st, 2020

Installation Views

Press Release

FESTIVAL is an exhibition featuring the work of 30 different artists using photography as a medium to explore contemporary hip-hop within music culture and its social significance to the world as we know it. Exploring the intersectionality of music and culture, FESTIVAL is an inside look at the work of these photographers behind the stage, in studio, and their intimate relationships with the musicians they document.

The photographic exhibition includes over 100 works from 30 photographers.


Nolis Anderson, Martika Avalon, Bludshot, Ciesay (Places+Faces), Gianni Danielle Cohen, Nabil Elderkin, Jimmy Fontaine, Lukas Gansterer, Bianca Garcia, Glenjamn, Cam Kirk, Flo Kohl, Nick Lipton, Jesse Lirola, Matt Marzahl, Evan Mock, Fenn O’Meally, Christina Paik, Bogdan “Chilldays” Plakov, David X Prutting, Rayscorruptedmind, David Rasool Robinson, Ro.Lexx, Sickamore, Hannah Sider, Gunner Stahl, Carol Tam, trashhand, Anthony Trevino, and Raven B. Varona.